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Founded in 2006, Kitchen Table Technologies' mission is to provide the essential tools that permit businesses to identify, adapt, manage and optimize their core business. Through this effort, Kitchen Table Technologies helps businesses construct marketing programs and develop products that actively pursue and ultimately achieve the goals expressed in the organization's "main" or "essential" core business.

Yourlistingadvantage.com focuses on the title, lending and real estate industry and offers a very unique website marketing tool called single property websites. These special websites enable real estate agents to create an exclusive web presence for each property and uses the actual property address as the domain name. Each domain offers significantly more information about the property than the traditional tabular listings available online today. The single property websites are fully customizable thus allowing the agent to meet the demands and buying characteristics of the local market. In addition, these unique websites offer a platform for ancillary industries, such as title companies, lenders and home improvement companies to advertise and take advantage of this unique marketing opportunity.

Read the attached white paper (Why Single Property Websites.pdf)