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Q: What is a single property domain name?
A: A single property domain name is the unique name that identifies a website (i.e. www.101elmstreet.com). A domain name is essentially a signpost on the Internet. It allows people to find your website by name instead of by number. To obtain a domain name, a person is typically required to register the name with an accredited registrar; however, with each and every single property website built using YourListingAdvantage.com, activation, the process of registering your preferred domain name is completely automated and taken care of by us.

Q: What is a single property website?
A: A single property website is an entire website devoted to one property. It can contain photos, features, remarks, reports, links to virtual tours, community information and other websites. It has a unique domain name that is derived from the property address. Example: www.101elmstreet.com.

Q: Is training available?
A: Training is available from your title insurance title representative. There is also a "Quick Start Guide" available by selecting the Training link on the menu bar. Technical support is also available by selecting technical Support on the menu bar.

Q: What is DNS Propagation?
A: This is the time it takes for changes to Website addresses (also referred to as a domain name or URL) to update across the Internet. Typically 24-72 hours but may be sooner depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Q: How long is a single property website good for?
A: One year.

Q: Is the domain transferable?
A: Yes. Typically the site is given to the new home owner (buyer). You could email the buyer and let them know that they can upload new photos on the site. All they need do is send them to you. Build a relationship and gain referrals. You don't owe anything to the buyer as far as the site is concerned. But we feel that it is a positive gesture and a possible lead generator.

Q: What is the size for picture uploads and what are the formats?
A: Upload up to 5 pictures at a time, with a maximum of 99 pictures. Pictures must be in JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) or PNG (.png) format and no larger than 2 MB. Maximum allowed size for all the pictures you upload is 8MB. It may take several minutes to upload pictures, depending on picture file size and the speed of your Internet connection. The first picture you upload will be the picture on the flyer.

Q: How do I represent a multi-unit building?
A: You can put zeros in the bedroom and bath fields so they will not show and use the property features section to list the units and use the property features section to list the units. In addition, single property websites can be used for rental, commercial, vacant property and mobile homes.

Q: What is a sign rider?
A: Sign riders are 6" x 24" and made of white corrugated plastic with black lettering on each side. The font size will depend on the length of your Website address and are attached to the for sale sign. Orders are processed Monday through Friday at 1 pm Pacific Time coast time and require a 36-48 hour turnaround for production. Delivery is usually from 5 to 8 business working days.

Q: How often can I change my single property website?
A: You can change anything about your single property website, except the website address. To change the website address you must change the domain name and pay the $29.95.

Q: Can I show a single property website to a potential seller prior to purchase?
A: Every built single property website can be previewed prior to purchase. Remember, we keep the built site on our servers for a maximum of 5 days. After that you will have to build the single property website again...

Q: How do people find my single property website?
A: Your single property website is view through your sign rider, and other marketing outlets such as brochures, links to your property website, real estate ads, advertisements, flyers etc.

Q: What if I loose my sign rider?
A: Additional sign rider is available for a cost of $19.95. To order an additional sign rider, select technical support from the menu bar. All sign will be charged to your credit card.

Q: How do I rearrange my photos?
A: Login to your YourListingAdvantage.com and select edit property website. Add or delete picture. Remember, the first picture is the one that will appear on the flye

Q: How do I change my Contact Info?
A: Login to your YourListingAdvantage.com and select edit profile.

Q: How do I change my web site's look or color?
A: Login to your YourListingAdvantage.com and select edit property website. From here you can choose a different template or different colors.